Januar 21 2015

Open-E: A success story from the mechanical engineering industry

Ein Jahr später fand "meine" Success Story auch den Weg in das englische Open-E Blog.

OPTIMA is a German leader in manufacturing filling and packaging machines, owning a large redundant data center in one of their headquarters in  Schwäbisch Hall. Their main constraint was to centralize all services so that the administration could work directly from the headquarter.

That’s why they set up a centralized system based on Open-E DSS V7 and VMware ESX Server. With the help of Open-E, OPTIMA was able to achieve stability and a redundant system with no single point of failure. Additionally, Open-E DSS V7 provided the scalability and availability they needed, being at the same time hardware-independent.

Manuel Kuss, System Administrator with OPTIMA

“Apart from its flexibility, it was the stability of the Open-E systems that convinced me. We benefit from the hardware redundancy in lieu of not having any technical contact onsite in remote locations. The system keeps running even if hardware components fail, and can easily be rebooted even after power outages. By using commodity servers, we do not face any problems regarding hardware supplies and do not need to use any specific SAN disk drives.”

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